Sunita Shekhawat is a signature jewellery brand from Jaipur, crafting timeless masterpieces based on the traditional practice of 'Meenakari' with a refined modern aesthetic.
The jewellery from Sunita Shekhawat is crafted for eternity. A tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and the fine craftsmanship of its artisans, these masterpieces are priceless and can never be reproduced again.
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Design is not just an art form that I enjoy or a canvas for my creativity, it goes beyond that, to become the medium for my storytelling. These pieces are also a representation of my personal journey, as they retain the best of everything I see in the world around me.

My collection is for people that seek art, beauty and creativity in everything they see around them. They are ones that are exposed to the best of everything and value the fine art of laborious craftsmanship.

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