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Blue Enamel Pendant with Diamond Polki

22 karat gold with diamond polkis & pearls

An enchanting medley of brilliant Diamond Polki and blue Tanzanite, this reversible necklace is the epitome of a Modern Heirloom. The delicate string is crafted with Tanzanite beads punctuated with Pearls. At the heart of the pendant is a round-cut Diamond Polki surrounded by a circular disc in blue Meenakari, studded with Diamonds like planets revolving around the Sun. The design is finished with drop-shaped Diamond Polki radiating out like the rays of the sun. An Ensemble of Pearls further adds to the design. The other side of the Pendant is a testimonial to the intricate and modern Meenakari that Sunita Shekhawat is known for.

350 man hours
Hand Crafted in Jaipur

Materials & Sizing


Length: 45cm

Craft & Design

We believe that craft is a window to the history of civilization. Sunita Shekhawat works towards preserving old-world charm and age-old skills with a touch of modernization. Each piece celebrates traditional skills with detailed craftsmanship. Handmade and craft-led, each piece of jewellery takes long man-hours to complete.

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Give a personalized touch to your heirlooms with our skilled craftsmen and innovative design guided by Sunita Shekhawat’s devotion and attention.


Ethically Sourced

From sourcing raw material to the final display at our ateliers, we take into consideration our responsibility towards the environment.



Each Sunita Shekhawat piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is eligible for repair, so shop without worries.

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Maharani Gayatri Devi

"I find her designs very appealing as I don't find any of her kind of creations anywhere else. The art, design and finish of her jewellery pleases me the most."

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